When deciding whether a piece of furniture should be reupholstered or replaced, several factors should be considered:

-          Do you like the style and quality of your present furniture?

-          Are you comparing quality and value, or just comparing prices?


If you are only trying to save money even though you don’t like your present furniture, you run the chance of not being fully satisfied with the end product of a reupholstered piece. It might be best to replace the item with something you will enjoy.


Realizing that the quality of any upholstered item is under the fabric is very important. Two chairs shown the same fabric may be extremely different in price due to their construction and quality of materials. The difference in the frame translates to how long the item will last.


If you are going to reupholster, consider the age of your piece of furniture. Often times, the older a piece of furniture is the better quality it is. A higher end piece of furniture has a solid wood frame that is glued together with dowels and reinforcing corner blocks. Lower end furniture often uses plywood and staples in its construction. Coil springs are more resilient than rubber webbing, and foam density also contributes to the life of an item.


Investing in new furniture can be an easier decision if you have any doubts with your current piece. Most American-made manufacturers have solid hard woods in their frames, high density foam and use eight way hand tied coils. You also have the most current trends and styles available to you.


The bottom line – Cost. If the item under consideration is top of the line construction, you can save anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost to replace another top end item. Reupholstering an older, lower end item may cost just as much if not more to reupholster then it would to replace it with something new.


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