August 2020


When you think of summer, what colors come to mind? We first think of blue, yellow, green and orange. Each one of these colors evokes a different feeling inside all of us. Why not add them to our daily life and hold onto summer all year long? 


Shades of Blue remind us of the calming ocean and peaceful lake. By adding different blue hues into your designs, it will continue to create that relaxing atmosphere, even when summer is gone. 


Shades of Yellow remind us of the bright, vibrant sun and fun summer days. Adding yellow into your décor, will keep that cheerful feeling even during the grays of winter. 


Shades of Green remind us of nature and being outside. Green is the perfect neutral to add into any design. And especially if you use live or artificial plants, that will keep the life of summer going all year long. 


Shades of Orange remind us of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It brings its own powerful punch to any design yet keeps the warmth and glow of summer.  

July 2020


We are celebrating the 4th of July all month long! To kick off this month’s journal we decided to talk about incorporating red, white & blue into your designs. You can use these colors as small as a tiny accent or as large as a whole room. Here are a few examples of our previous designs featuring these colors. 


In the Dining Room photo we decided to incorporate different shades of reds and whites within our accessories and fabrics to create the perfect blend of color. 


In the Living Room photo we set the tone for drama by using a dark, navy blue wall and brightened up the space with a textured, white Chesterfield sofa. 


Using all three colors together or separately, will add a pop to any design.  



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