It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Mark D. Little. Mark unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Eve due to a massive stroke. For anyone who knew Mark, they knew that his passion in life was the business and creating beautiful and inspiring designs, unique to each client. He woke up every morning and loved what he did. Over the years, he not only created memorable designs, he also created lasting friendships with most of his clients. When Mark passed, we lost an amazing man and an exceptional talent in the industry. Mark will be remembered by each of the designs he created, as well as leaving a lasting impression on the lives he touched. 


Mark was Design Home Interiors through and through. He was the talent, the face, and the inspiration. It is impossible to replace Mark in many ways and especially moving forward with the company. With that said, I add to my heavy heart and announce that Design Home Interiors will be closing. 


Keeping with the same care and attention to detail Mark put into the business, I want everyone to know that I will still be available to help give guidance in finding a new Interior Designer and any other questions past clients may have. Please feel free to email me at for a referral or any other questions. 


Thank you to everyone for all of the many years of support and fantastic projects! 






December 2020


The holidays are officially here and we could not be any more excited. There is always something so special about hearing Christmas music on the radio, the warm fire’s glow and that nostalgic feeling of being a child again. It goes without saying that our holiday traditions will not be the same this year; however, we can still make the most of this time and also create new memories to cherish for years to come. Here are a few easy ideas on getting the house ready for the season, while bringing the family together.  


1. Dust of those bins! Every year when the holiday boxes get pulled out, it is important to reevaluate the content. Purge anything that you don’t enjoy and add new items in. This way, it keeps your holiday decorations fresh season after season. And by adding in, you certainly do not have to spend a lot of money. One of our favorite memories is as a family making paper chains and oversized stars (we carefully hang them in the basement to reuse every year). Something as simple as this is sure to bring in the holiday cheer! Also, make sure to keep your family heirlooms and treasured decorations out in a prominent place. This year, more than ever, it’s important to have them out to bring special memories to mind.  


2. Decorate together as a family! With your new treasures ready to be added in, you will want to start by placing all of the larger items first. Once those are in place, you then will want to add in smaller decorations to fill in the blank spaces. And don’t forget to finish everything off by layering in white Christmas lights! They add a warm and charming glow to any vignette.    


3. Jump in the kitchen to bake some holiday goodies! Spending quality time together in the kitchen is a wonderful way to make new memories. It not only gives everyone something to enjoy, you can also give some out to your neighbors as a holiday gift. And if you are adventurous, try making your own gingerbread house to keep out on display! If you are like us and not as adventurous, go ahead and purchase a kit to have just as much fun without all of the stress. Either way, you will end up with a new decoration and lasting memories.  



Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season! 


November 2020


With the leaves falling fast and the days getting shorter, that can only mean one thing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Many of our traditional Thanksgiving dinners will look different this year. For those who are still able to host your family and close friends or even partake in a virtual dinner, here are a few quick and easy updates you can do in time before the big day arrives. 


1. Repaint your space – Changing the paint color in a room makes the largest impact. Not only does it freshen up the space but it will also give your room a completely new look. This is something you can do on a budget and on a shorter time line. 


2. Update window treatments – Whether you choose to do custom or readymade window treatments, they will drastically give your room an updated look. Styles and colors change over the years, here is an easy way to leave a lasting impression on your updated space. 


3. New artwork – Along with a freshly painted room and updated window treatments, adding new artwork to your space will pull it all together. This can be something you go out and purchase or even take from other areas around your house. Sometimes just moving art and accessories from room to room will give those pieces a renewed purpose. 



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