September 2020


September is here and so is the official start of the ‘new normal’ of fall. Whether you find yourself working in your home office, spread out at the kitchen table or sharing a space with your children, now is the perfect time to create an oasis for this new way of life. Here are a few easy ideas to make the most of your new work environment. 


1. Create an enjoyable atmosphere – First and foremost you want to create an enjoyable atmosphere for yourself. Things are still turned upside down and having items that bring you joy are very important. It could be something as simple as a family photo, a soothing candle or a plant in a fun planter. 


2.  Choose your background wisely – We have gotten to know the famous ‘Zoom’ calls, all too well. Regardless of where you choose to work during the day, having a background that is comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing is essential. Seeing that these calls are not going away anytime soon, take the time to do a little redesigning. You could add in some new wall art or decorative shelving with accessories to warm up the space. 


3. Stay organized – This is crucial when working from home. It is so easy to let things pile up but having an excess of clutter in your home and your work environment is crippling. We need to keep things organized to help keep our mind at rest. You can add in many different types of organizers, from fancy to plain, wall calendars/planers to help keep you on track or even a small traveling cart/piece of furniture with wheels that can be pulled out as needed.   

August 2020


When you think of summer, what colors come to mind? We first think of blue, yellow, green and orange. Each one of these colors evokes a different feeling inside all of us. Why not add them to our daily life and hold onto summer all year long? 


Shades of Blue remind us of the calming ocean and peaceful lake. By adding different blue hues into your designs, it will continue to create that relaxing atmosphere, even when summer is gone. 


Shades of Yellow remind us of the bright, vibrant sun and fun summer days. Adding yellow into your décor, will keep that cheerful feeling even during the grays of winter. 


Shades of Green remind us of nature and being outside. Green is the perfect neutral to add into any design. And especially if you use live or artificial plants, that will keep the life of summer going all year long. 


Shades of Orange remind us of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It brings its own powerful punch to any design yet keeps the warmth and glow of summer.  


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