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Foxwood Manor - Living Lounge


Dear Friends and Customers,


My how the world has changed. And you have changed with it. Your life is firmly rooted in the here and now. But that doesn't mean you don't sometimes long for the comfort of what once was. How do you bridge those two desires? How do you reconcile your past with your future? Start by taking tradition and giving it a twist. Craft a home that reflects where you came from and where the future is taking you. 


By combining traditional and modem elements in a space, Mark Little has created a space that reflects the old and the new. Hues of Teal, yellows and burnt orange together, fill this transitional room with warmth and charm. This room provokes a feeling of the 50's & 60's comfort and class, with iron elements and textures. A traditional design with a Mid Century Modem story, my color pallet is drawn from that era. This culmination is a look that is warm and smart, presenting the design world today.


The furniture pieces themselves were drawn from the inspiration of classic European mid-century design, but also looks at great American design. I embraced traditional forms and details, such as the textured ceiling painted pewter to resemble an old tin ceiling but I also made unexpected choices, like bold color and dazzling patterns and a record player to give a nod to the old days.


This unique sitting room stands out but doesn't shout out. Everyone will feel welcomed to come in and enjoy the layers of texture and visually pleasing design, while still feeling comfortable and restful. Guests will surely take home a new perspective on interior design.



Come to visit! Bucks County Designer House will be open from

May 1 - May 29, 2016

1596 Turkey Trot Road, Jamison, PA 18929.


Visit the Bucks County Designer House & Gardens 2016 website for more information!


I am looking forward seeing you there! 


Mark Little

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